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All About The Rest

This is my attempt at indexing the information on my website not related to wine. I know it's pretty convoluted (categories are locations and topics), but it's the best I could do!

Food - Is it Sate or Satay?, You Want Bakso?, Chok Chok Chocolate - Organic Dark Chocolate in BaliFinding Delicious Food in Thailand, Fisherman's Wharf - Dungeness Crab, Alcatraz, and Shopping Bags, Mie Goreng, Pasar Ikan, San Diego Wine & Food Festival, Growing Pains, Hapuka Treat, Wheatgrass, Balinese Cuisine. 

Beer - Honey Red Ale #1 Recipe, Honey Brown Ale #1 Recipe, American Pale Ale #3 Recipe, Waikato Draught Bitter Beer, Sunshine's Gisborne Gold Lager.

Wildlife - Olive-Backed Sunbird, Hummingbirds in Bali?, Finding the Beauty in Everyday, Creeping, Butterflies and Southerlies, Birds at the Zoo, The Great Blue, Fallen Soldiers, Hang Ten, Sonora Desert Birds.

Forces of Nature  - Whoa, Twister, Seismic Times, Earthquakes in Indonesia, Morning from Bali, Indonesia Needs Your Help.

Art - Indonesian Paintings II, Agut, Indonesian Paintings.

Mountain Biking - Hidden Ramps, Napa Biking, Morning Glory, The Pebbles.

Fishing - Fishbait Finger in Bali, Fishbait Finger in New Zealand, Pasar Ikan, Creeping, Fishing with Jack.

       Bali - Little Swell for Bali, Bali Secret Spot, Bali's Dry Season Debut?, Last Week at Uluwatu, Waves on the Way, Bali Backroads, Playday with Little Waves, The Calm After the Storm, Solid Swell in Bali, Patience, Been a Long Time, It's Been Pumping, If You Don't Look..., Bali Flat Spell, Lay Day, Pretty Solid in Bali, Back in Bali Again, Bali's Last Swell, Back on the Bukit, Fishbait Finger in Bali, Back in a Week?, Swell Coming, Returning to Indonesia, Bali but not the Bukit, Morning from Bali, Bali Styles, More Waves, Bali Has Some Waves..., Indonesia Beginnings, Indonesia Memories, Uluwatu - Bali's Windansea?, Arriving in Bali.
       Java - Road Trip to Java, Back on the Bukit, Still Missing Indonesia, East Java (Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV), Exploring West Java (Part I, Part II, Part III), Righthand Point Breaks in Indonesia, Travel Stories - West Java, Jakarta.
       Nusa Tengarra - Nusa Tengarra Part II, Nusa Tengarra, Back in a Week?.
       Mentawais - Surfboards, Chickens, Rice, and Military, Whoa, Twister, Lots of Traveling.
       Sumatra - Interesting Architecture, Earthquakes in Indonesia.

       San Diego - Throwback SD Sundown Session, Calm Before the Storm in San Diego, Swell Coming, Summer Weather, Winter Waves, SD Reefs, Old Session, A Man of Many Names, A Couple Waves, Snapped, Another Big Wednesday, PB Point, San Diego - Searching for Waves, Scripps, Pacific Beach Point.
       Central - LA Adventures, Missing Winter, Pull In, Surfing in Ventura, Lots of Surfing, Strategic Mission, Long Shot, Shots from the Hills, Visit to the Hills (Part I, Part II), Santa Cruz, Not Warm Anymore, Long Stay, Tired, More Surf, Shell Madness, Big Swell, Morning Surf, Fall's Back, San Luis Obispo Surf.
       Northern - Long Quick Week Part I, Two Forts, Half Moon Bay,

New Zealand - Gisborne Goodbye, Now it's Winter, A Good Gift, A Little Practice, Empty Bench, Empty Lineup, Another Swell for Gisborne, Sets Coming..., Quiksilver King of the Groms, Still Warm, Just Another Day, Surf Between Storms, Raglan, Reminiscing of Gisborne, Surfing Town, East Cape Exploration, All Time, First Weekend of Freedom, Rainy Days, Road Trip to Raglan, Another Person's Point of View, Stopping to Surf,

Costa Rica - Boat Tripping, Black Sand & Iguanas, Playa Grande, Needing Waves, Planes, Trains, Buses, & Boats, Home Again.

Samoa - Samoa Throwback, Tsunami in Samoa, Samoa, Off to Samoa.

Arizona & Nevada - White Mountains, White Christmas, Bright Lights but Not for Christmas (Las Vegas), Hoover Dam, Surviving the Cold of White Christmas, It's Beginning to Look Alot Like..., Wintertime Blues, Blue Rainbow, Still Cold, Snowy Sunrise, Frozen, Dreaming of a White Christmas, Morning & Evening, Sonora Desert Birds, Cool Flight.

Hawaii - The Big Island, Seismic Times.

Thailand - Cheapest Way to Reach Cambodia from Thailand, Finding Delicious Food in Thailand, Khaosan Road, Amazing Race SE Asia.

Cambodia - A Day at the Siem Reap Temples (Part I, Part II), A Rare Experience in Cambodia, Cheapest Way to Reach Cambodia from Thailand.