Sorry I haven't been very active here lately, but I'm currently working on some new content and updating my site. Forgive me for any pages that aren't functioning properly.


I'm fortunate to have many, many people to thank for their help and support over the years. Whether work-related, surf-related, travel-related, family-related, or just regular-related, thank you to everyone! If I'm missing anyone, please let me know! For now, here's a few of my friends and influences:

Alexander Surf Designs - Surf guru Jeff Alexander has been shaping for over thirty years in California, Hawaii, and Indonesia. I met Jeff is Bali in 2011 when I was looking for a shaper who could make me a proper single fin. Ever since, he's been putting me on the best boards of my life. From retro to modern to futuristic, Jeff does it all with style and his boards are second to none!

Albens Cider - At Albens, we're a family. I started working here last year  and the people are great, just like our cider. We brew apple cider the traditional English way, creating a unique and refreshing drink that's been warmly welcomed in the Indonesian market. Albens can now be found in all the top bars, restaurants, supermarkets, and corner stores throughout Bali and Indonesia. Plus, we're working on some new flavors for 2014, so look out!

The Impermanents - With all the traveling my girlfriend Kristin and I do, we're always getting asked about different places we visit: what to do, where to stay, etc. She suggested instead of answering the same questions over and over, we should just start a website to provide some basic advice for travelers through our own experiences.

Hippo Sweat - My good friends Drew and Troy started this awesome, all-natural sun protection brand in our hometown of San Diego, California. If you spend anywhere near the amount of time I do in the sun, you need to check these guys out!!

Surf Wanderer - This online surf magazine covers an array of surf-related topics: travel, surfboard design, photo showcase, surfer profiles, and whatever else interests him. Creator and editor Shawn Tracht is a ripping surfer, writer, photographer, and family man. Check out my contributions here.

New World Winemaker - This collaborative site, run by Oenobrands, features articles from wine industry leaders discussing the latest in news and technologies that may advance the creation, management, and making of quality new-world wines. Check out my profile and contributions here.

Nick Cook Photography - Nick Cook is an extremely talented freelance photographer, one of the few today that continues to shoot exclusively with film. He is also a good surfer and great friend. Currently based in Santa Barbara, Nick continues to progress in his craft. Check out these nice portraits he took of me, and get on his site if you want to get inspired or need a photographer in California.

Miles Jackler - Hailing from California's Sonoma Coast, Miles is an interesting character. Another talented photographer and surfer, Miles uses both film and digital means to produce beautiful work. Based in San Francisco, he loves traveling the coast and searching out new experiences.

Gisborne Garagiste Wine Company - Three of my very good friends, former colleagues, and talented winemakers have created an exciting new wine brand based out of Gisborne, New Zealand. If you're in New Zealand and want some good quality wine at a reasonable price, check these guys out. I designed their website, so hopefully it looks alright!

Niven Family Wine Estates -  The Niven Family put California's Edna Valley on the wine map. As the winery has grown, it's still very much a family affair. I will always feel part of the family there after spending several vintages working alongside great people. Winemaker Christian Roguenant is one of the biggest influences on my career; his knowledge, passion, and general gregarious nature are infectious.

Spade Oak Vineyard - In my opinion, Steve Voysey has not received the credit he's due as the winemaker behind some of New Zealand's most iconic wine brands. Working under Steve was a treat, he's a great guy and his knowledge of all things related to winemaking is phenomenal. He created his own label several years back, producing wines from grapes grown on his personal estate in Gisborne. They're delicious, check them out!

Vasse Felix - One of Australia's best top wineries. I had a great time working with the team at Vasse Felix. The Margaret River region is beautiful, and home to world-class vineyards. The wine from Vasse Felix is stunning, particularly the Heytesbury series. 

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