Longbush 2007 Tui Viognier

Posted on May 2, 2010

Longbush Wines is produced at the Gisborne House of Wine, one of several urban wineries in town and located just across the street from the harbour mouth. Winemaker John Thorpe has been producing wine for nearly two decades under the Longbush name after getting involved in the restoration of the local Longbush QEII Reserve. The Longbush Bird Series is a tribute to not only Gisborne's best grape varietals but its native bird species; a portion of every bottle sold is donated to the Longbush restoration trust. 


Winery - Gisborne House of Wine

Location - Gisborne, New Zealand

Wine - Longbush 2007 Tui Viognier

Grape Varieties - Viognier

Appellation - Gisborne

Alcohol - 13.2% v/v

Price -$14 NZD

Nose/Aroma - Honeysuckle and pineapple.

Palate/Flavors - Soft peach and lime flavors with crisp acid that fades into an oily texture with passionfruit and oak. Good length, though the middle is a bit hollow. 

Style - Condrieu

Food Pairing - I used some Longbush Brie (made by Waimata Cheese Company) to make some Brie-stuffed mushrooms, topped with roasted garlic and onions 

Comments - I thought this was a nice wine and a good bargain for the price. I don't think that Gisborne Viognier has seen its day in the spotlight yet, but it could be coming. I have seen several nice Viogniers from 2009, and 2010 should provide some good offerings as well.