Hatten NV Alexandria

Posted on November 20, 2011

The tropics are becoming more and more prevalent in today's wine industry, though grape growing in these regions is difficult due to variables such as disease and sunlight hours. With increasing demand for wine, companies are starting to take winemaking more seriously and invest more effort into research and quality development. Since 1994, Hatten Wines has been producing wines from its own vineyard in the northern Bali region of Singaraja. Due to the climate, the vines do not go dormant here; instead, they stay evergreen and provide 3 vintages per year.

Using modern winemaking techniques employed by Australian-born winemaker Don Buchannan, Hatten produces a range of wines from their vineyard using three lesser-known grape varieties: Propolingo Biru, Alphonse-Lavalle, and Belgia. They also import grapes from Australia to produce a second label, Two Islands, which focuses on Chardonnay and Shiraz.


Winery - Hatten Winery

Location - Bali, Indonesia

Wine - Hatten NV Alexandria

Grape Varieties -  Belgia

Appellation - Bali (no appelation designation)

Alcohol - 10.5% v/v

Price - 140,000 IDR

Nose/Aroma - Floral notes and lychee. 

Palate/Flavors - Floral, tropical fruit, and honeydew. Rather sweet, must be 20+ g/L RS. Could use a bit more acid but relatively balanced. Has an awkward phenolic bite. 

Food Pairing - This would be a nice afternoon drink on the beach, or pair well with some real spicy dishes. Maybe some crispy barbequed fish with chili sauce.

Comments - It's hard to make wine in the tropics and even harder to expect much of the wines. This is reminiscent of a Muscat.