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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bingin Surf by ESP - Mega Semadhi

Here's Mega Semadhi at a reef nearby his homebreak Bingin, showing how he's honed his skills and prepared for his Padang Cup 2013 victory.

Photos provided by ESP. If you're down in the Bingin or Impossibles area, make sure to pop in and say hi to Mul! He's there shooting pretty much everyday, and you're bound to end up with some great shots if your in the lineup. Conact him via e-mailfacebook, or call him at either +6281916727595 or +6285738677532.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Padang Cup 2013 - Mega Semadhi Gets His Wish

Yesterday was the 42nd day of the 45-day waiting period for the Rip Curl Padang Cup 2013. Organizers finally decided it was now or never, and called the competition to start in the early morning. After such a long wait, several of the original invitees were unable to compete as they had already left Bali due to other commitments. This opened the door for several last-minute additions, who I'm sure were more than stoked at a chance to join Bali's most prestigious surf competition.

Conditions during Round 1 were less-than-favorable. Most of the waves weren't lining up properly, producing a lot of pinching barrels and closeouts that left competitors scrambling to get decent scores. Fortunately, conditions improved throughout the day and provided some worthy conditions for the afternoon rounds.

During his pre-event interview, Mega Semadhi talked about narrowly losing last year's Padang Cup in the waning seconds to Chris Ward and was obviously looking forward to some redemption. After being one of a handful of surfers to compete in every Padang Cup event, this was Mega's year. The last set of the final saw him pull into the lead from third place, besting Australia's Jacob Wilcox and fellow Balinese surfers Roditya Rondi and Alik Rudiarta.

Congratulations Mega, Padang Cup 2013 winner! You earned it!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

West Australian Twilight Cruise with Bali Sommeliers

Amed from Ku de Tat, Eko from Metis Restaurant, Erick from Nikko Hotel, Suartika from The Legian, Putra from Sip Wine Bar, and Gery from Vin Plus are top sommeliers on the 'island of the gods'. They visited  Margaret River wine region this past March to learn more about winemaking and the wines of the region. The ocean is a major influence in the region, so a twilight cruise seemed like a fitting grand finale to their trip.
Since it's uncommon to have extra-curricular activities during vintage, this was a welcomed excuse for a break. Several of us from Vasse Felix (Tamara, Rolls, Marc, and I) were fortunate to join the Bali crew, along with Cullen's winemaker Trevor Gordon, Ashbrook Estate founder Tony Devitt, and Austrade's Mat Lewis.
The Ocean Eco Adventures cruise departed Dunsborough (40 minutes north of Margaret River township) in the afternoon and cruised around the calm waters of Geographe Bay. Wine industry folks know how to party, which meant we were well-prepared with a wide array of fantastic wines to accompany the delicious food provided. With great company and beautiful scenery, I think it's safe to say that we all thoroughly enjoyed this trip. I just hope we could do it again some day! 

Thanks to everyone for making an evening to remember, to the crew from Ocean Eco Adventures for their friendly and professional service, and to the Vasse Felix winemaking team for letting me sneak off for an afternoon!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bingin Surf by ESP - Bring Back the 70's

I know I've said it before, but I'm working on my new quiver with Jeff Alexander right now and this guy is a legend. I'm riding the best boards of my life One of my new favorites is a 6'7'' 70's Special, based off the first board I got from him. It's gotten shortened slightly and updated with a new bottom. This board punches well above its weight in solid surf, but it's still a blast in the smaller stuff too. Just for Jeff, here's a little cheater-5 from Impossibles during this board's inaugural session.
Here's what Jeff has to say about the 70's Special:
A homage to the 1970's, our 70's Special is a classic single fin outline with a modern twist. With an updated bottom consisting of inverted vee from entry through the wide point of the board, slight double concave just before the tail, and a light vee starting just before the fin, you can cheater-five this thing through the barrel and still come out and put it on rail. Our latest models have included a double-winged rounded pin just to take a bit more volume out of the tail for tighter turning radius, and front fin boxes to give surfers the option of 2+1 or thruster setups depending on conditions.

Photos provided by ESP. If you're down in the Bingin or Impossibles area, make sure to pop in and say hi to Mul! He's there shooting pretty much everyday, and you're bound to end up with some great shots if your in the lineup. Conact him via e-mailfacebook, or call him at either +6281916727595 or +6285738677532.

Friday, August 2, 2013

My 'B-land' Bali Article on Surf Wanderer

I was just browsing my usual online reading material and was stoked to see my recent article, Escaping Motorcycle City: 'B-Land' Bali Surf Travel, published on Surf Wanderer.

Surf Wanderer is an online surf magazine that covers an array of surf-related topics, including travel stories, surfboard design, photo showcases, and surfer profiles. Creator and editor Shawn Tracht is a ripping surfer, writer, photographer, and family man. Thanks!

Where is 'B-land'!? Read the article to find out, and see the rest of this sequence...