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Friday, June 21, 2013

Wine Phenols - Red Varietal Processing Considerations

See previous posts on Wine Phenols: Flavonoids & Nonflavonoids, Tannins & Anthocyanins, White Varietal Processing. See previous posts on red varietals: Red Varietal Fermentation Vessels, Successful Fermentation - Red Varietals (Part I, Part II).

Wine phenols are of particular concern during red varietal processing. I discussed successful fermentation for red varietals at length (including their effects on phenol components) in a previous two-part series: Successful Fermentation - Red Varietals (Part I, Part II). As noted previously, choosing the right fermentation vessel is a key.

My next article will focus on oak additives and vessels, and their use during fermentation in maturation for red and white varietals.

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