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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Surfing Borrowed Boards

After snapping three boards in three weeks, I've been surfing borrowed boards from my friend John while I await my new Alexander Surfboards quiver (I do still have an old 6'2'' but it's rather dinged up and takes in a lot of water; I call it my 'training board'). John also rides boards from Alexander and has an enviable quiver (not just to someone like me who has none!).
John's boards are significantly different to mine, so it's been interesting adjusting my surfing. I've mainly been riding his 6'10'' retro thruster, which rides really well but happens to have about twice as much floatation as my usual 6'1''; with such small swell around, it's almost like being on a longboard for me!

Photos here are of me, provided by ESP. If you're down in the Bingin or Impossibles area, make sure to pop in and say hi to Mul! He's there shooting pretty much everyday, and you're bound to end up with some great shots if your in the lineup. Conact him via e-mailfacebook, or call him at either +6281916727595 or +6285738677532.

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