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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bingin Surf by ESP - Agus Dag Sumertasaya

I first met Dag when he was a young kid learning to surf out at Bingin. His potential was obvious from the start, and I'm glad to see that he's really come into his own the past few years. His surfing is continually improving. Whether he's dominating the lineup at his home break, pulling into barrels at Padang Padang, or wowing judges in competitions throughout Indonesia, Dag is going to be someone to look out for over the next few years. Though he's uncertain if he wants to pursue a competitive career or not, he will be one of Indonesia's top surfers either way. Seriously, how many surfers do you know that can get a switch foot barrel like this?

Photos provided by ESP. If you're down in the Bingin or Impossibles area, make sure to pop in and say hi to Mul! He's there shooting pretty much everyday, and you're bound to end up with some great shots if your in the lineup. Conact him via e-mailfacebook, or call him at either +6281916727595 or +6285738677532.

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