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Friday, April 5, 2013

Margaret River Surf

Margaret River is mecca for surfing; most surfers have heard plenty of stories and seen plenty of photographs from the area through acquaintances and in magazines. With nearly 100 named surf breaks along the rugged 130-kilometer coastline, surf pumps through the region's veins. Year-round swells keep locals happy and attract tourists from all over Australia and the world.
You may have seen coverage of the recent Drug Aware Margaret River Pro. The contest ran just a few weeks ago, featuring some of the world's best surfers competing at the legendary Surfer's Point break in Prevelly (pictured above). I working all week and didn't get a chance to take in any of the action but I know they had pretty good waves for the event (my day off actually coincided with the finals but also coincided with me going surfing all day with my friend Jim). Starting next year, this event will be one of ten composing the ASP World Championship Tour (it was part of the women's tour this year, but only an ASP Prime event for the men's).

It's pretty obvious that surfing is a major part of my life so my busy vintage schedule during my stay here has been a bit frustrating when the swell is pumping. Still, I've been getting enough surf to keep me happy (I'd be happier with more, but I'm not complaining). Usually I'm too excited about getting in the water to snap off any photographs, but I have managed to take a few. With another swell set to arrive throughout the day tomorrow and peak Sunday, there will be plenty of waves about this weekend while I'm slaving away in the cellar. Who knows, maybe we'll have an early afternoon?

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