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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nick Cook Photography

Nick Cook is an extremely talented freelance photographer, one of the few today that continues to shoot exclusively with film. He is constantly working on several projects simultaneously. Nick currently resides in Isla Vista, the anything-but-relaxed town surrounding the University of California Santa Barbara. Here, he has found his inspiration for his 'Idiosyncratic IV' series while trying to catch a few hours of sleep amidst the parties engulfing the average night here. His surf photography, in and out of the water, has always impressed me. Plus, his portraits seem to capture people's true spirit; he recently sent through some awesome photographs he took of me during a surf trip last year.

Along with his photographic prowess, Nick is a great surfer that can be found in lineups all over California's central coast. He is also one of my very good friends and favorite surf companions; whenever I'm in California, I always look forward to trips with Nick. We don't always score great waves, but we always have a great time.

Make sure to check out Nick's website, and follow him on his blog. Thanks for the photographs and hope to see you soon Nick!

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