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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

In Awe of Nature

I was surfing one of my favorite spots here in Bali two nights ago. Overcast skies and slight onshore wind made conditions less than ideal, but the waves were overhead and reasonably clean. In between waves, I watched as a large storm approached. The other two surfers in the lineup headed for the beach, but I stayed. Within minutes, the skies above me opened up as the storm engulfed the coastline.

The water looked alive as the rain's intensity pulsated, falling hard then softening periodically. The explosion of droplets as they hit the ocean was awe-inspiring; they appeared as small white lights that danced along the surface. I was alone in nature, and the feeling was electric. I sat up on my surfboard and raised my arms, allowing the storm to engulf me too.

It was one of those moments when nature simultaneously reminds us how insignificant we are, and how beautifully unique everyday is. I wondered how many other people were experiencing this moment? And how different was their experience of it to mine? I find myself constantly in awe of nature.

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