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Thursday, December 6, 2012

San Francisco

I had several meetings scheduled in the San Francisco Bay area last week. They all went very well and I'm excited for the new opportunities that I'm working on.
I drove up from San Luis Obispo early last Sunday through some wet weather before I found the sun and my good friend Miles at his Ocean Beach home mid-morning. We headed down to the beach and enjoyed some really fun overhead surf. It was great catching up with Miles, who is always so positive and stoke on life! I like the surf up in this area; conditions can be fickle, but there always seems to be decent size around in autumn. I had a couple fun surfs during the week too, smaller waves but fewer people.

I was able to book my usual accommodations for the duration of my stay. Andy, Hayes, Jay, and Mike let me stay at their home on the other side of the city. These are some of my best friends from college days, who have probably become rather accustomed to me crashing at their house over the years.

As always, I was glad my brother was able to squeeze me into his hectic schedule. We met up for a nice dinner and a few beers at Pyramid Brewing Company in Berkeley.

Thanks to everyone for the hospitality, and hopefully I'll be back in the area around vintage time next year!

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