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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goodbye Bali, Hello California

It's been a busy few days since Kristin and I arrived back in California. We are still adjusting to the change in time, lifestyle, and weather while trying to catch up with friends and family. Once we settle down, I'll have a chance to relax and settle into a routine.
I had my last Bali surf session Thursday morning at Uluwatu's Outside Corner. I was happy to see that a solid swell filled in overnight; it was solid double to triple overhead, and I had a great session. Of course. the island of the gods seems to always have an interesting sense of humor. Just hours before we were set to get on our flight, a freak accident resulted in my surfboard hitting me just below the nose that created a large gash and required 4 stitches. Thanks Bali, see you soon...

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  1. welcome back.
    winemaking this fall . . .?