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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thailand - Khaosan Road

My Amazing Race SE Asia trip with Kristin was planned as a tight itinerary (Bali-Singapore-Vietnam-Cambodia-Malaysia-Bali). The first leg of the trip went fine, and were in Singapore's well-appointed international terminal by late Friday morning. After spending some time wandering the expansive airport, we caught a train, then a bus over to the LCCT (low-cost carrier terminal); this is where airlines such as Air Asia and Jetstar are situated, and it's definitely a step below the rest of the airport. When I tried to check-in for our flight to Vietnam, I was informed that a letter of invitation from the Vietnamese embassy was required (I didn't have, and couldn't get on short notice). Big problem.
After running through a few different options, we settled on booking a flight to Thailand. This allowed us to keep the remainder of my itinerary the same. We arrived in Bangkok around midnight, made it through a long immigration line, and caught a taxi straight to the Khaosan Road area. Khaosan Road was originally Bangkok's largest rice market, but has recently developed into the hub of the city's budget traveler community (it's been nick-named the "backpacker's ghetto"). The short stretch of street and the surrounding area has earned an international reputation as a center of partying; it's lined with bars, night clubs, tourism agents, guest houses, hotels, and vendors selling all sorts of goods from food to clothing to electronics.
We were a bit worried about finding a place to stay in such a busy area of Bangkok, particularly since the taxi dropped us off around 2 AM on Saturday and the streets where still brimming with people. Fortunately, we were quickly able to find a cheap room at a local guest house. After throwing our bags down, we headed out for some food (we hadn't eaten since 4 PM) and a beer (necessary after 18 hours of traveling). We quickly found a street cart offering up some delicious pad thai, another offering up skewers of all sorts, and a 711 (yes, they are everywhere in Thailand) with some cold Chang Beer; we spent about 150 bot (just over $5 US) and enjoyed them all happily while wandering the street. We soon retired to the guest house for a short sleep before starting our busy second travel day.


  1. There is the heaven of backpackers and Khaosan road is a famous street in Bangkok, so you can use there as a base to explore other places.

    Enjoy for your next trip

  2. that's right, good place to meet other travelers and book excursions elsewhere.