Monday, February 13, 2012

Hummingbirds in Bali?

There are a pair of beautiful birds that come to visit the plentiful Birds of Paradise blooms in my backyard. It's obvious by the coloration that they are a mating pair (male and female), but I've yet to identify them. I originally thought they were hummingbirds; after a little research, I discovered that these are only indigenous to the Americas. I researched a few other species of birds and just can't identify what these could be. Below is a photo of one of the pairs, I believe the male by the coloration; any ornithologists out there want to shed some light?


  1. It looks like it might be a Lewin's Honeyeater. There are several different Honeyeaters, but many of the other's are not as colorful.

  2. Good guess, it's actually a close relative called the olive-backed sunbird, check this follow-up post below!