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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lots of Traveling

I arrived back in Bali early Wednesday morning after nearly 40 hours of traveling via boat, car, and plane. My 8-day journey included nearly four days of travel. I flew out of Bali on Wednesday morning and arrive in Padang at 9 PM after two delayed flights. The next day was spent traipsing around Padang, doing a bit of shopping, and waiting for the ferry; an 11-hour journey that arrived in Padang early Thursday morning. I strung up my hammock on the deck and had a nice sleep until a passing tropical storm forced me to move under cover.
Our boat captain met us at the ferry and we loaded up our supplies quickly before heading to the nearby village for breakfast before continuing on to our island accommodation. We quickly unloaded our gear and set out for our first surf trip. There was little swell in the water but we found a fun, empty righthander with head high waves reeling down the reef. The five of us quickly paddled out and enjoyed a long session; not bad for day one!

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