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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Visit to The Hills - Part II

Hopefully, the large swell that arrived this past weekend organized the sand around San Luis Obispo a bit better. The beach breaks have been quite walled, forcing surfers to either try their luck in closeout surf or crowd the few reefs scattered throughout the county. The peak of the swell arrived Saturday, which I spent the entirety of surfing an overhead, left reef break. It was dark when I finally got out of the water, tip-toed across the dry reef, and traversed up the cliff. Saturday's crowd was not unruly, though I expected Sunday to be much worse (news about surf in towns like San Luis Obispo travels fast). I loaded up the car and headed south for a short trip to Santa Barbara.

Nick and I left his cabin just after six in the morning, loaded up with more boards than two people need for a day trip. The swell wasn't filling in as expected, but there were still plenty of fun waves to be had. We made the forty-five minute drive down to Ventura to meet some other friends (probably could add another thirty for the time we spent lost in Oxnard). After a frustrating journey, we found some fun overhead surf and got a couple hours of surfing before the tide got too high. Nick took a few photos, which we'll hopefully get a look at soon.

After a nice lunch, a relaxing soak in the cabin's jacuzzi, and a bit of exploring, we loaded back up for another surf. We headed north of Santa Barbara to a right point break, where we were greeted by chest high waves with a manageable crowd of surfers. Nearly Four hours and three "should we go, or catch a couple more?" moments later, we finally found ourselves walking up the path in the dark exhausted but satisfied.

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