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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Waiting for Snow

Sierra Summit isn't a world-class ski resort, but it is the closest mountain to San Luis Obispo. A four and a half hour drive east can take you from the beach to the snow. Sierra Summit is just 65 miles northeast of Fresno, next to Huntington Lake in the Sierra National Forest. It stands at 1,700 vertical feet and has over 45 trails, including the 2.3-mile Academy run.
Sierra Summit just received their first snow of the year. It was a light dusting, but shows potential for a good season. I missed the last California snow season since I was in New Zealand. After missing the ski season there by two days, I feel like I missed two chances in a year. Now I'm left just waiting for snow.


  1. nice post!
    i grew up a few miles from sierra summit and i still love the ol' skummit...

    over the years i have had some unforgettable pow days there with very few others...sometimes only a couple hundred.

    it ranks right up there with tahoe resorts in terms of sub-alpine terrain, natural halfpipes, rock garden pillow lines, tree lines, etc.

    if this el nino is anything like 1983, the summit will be epic. i can still remember my pops driving me up there that winter and the snow banks were over twenty feet tall and burying the powerlines.

    schralp on!

  2. Definitely has a good setup and is a great place when it has snow. Sounds like this could be a good year for them as you mentioned.

    I think my last trip there, we had snow about half way up the telephone poles and that was pretty intense.

    Thanks for the comment and see you on the mountain