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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Needing Waves

The low tide had left Playa de Coyote drained and covered with crabs, quickly scurrying across the sand to avoid our car as Nick drove us towards the southern headland. We could see waves breaking nearly a quarter-mile out to sea, near the cliff. Unfortunately, the waves didn't look too enticing, particularly with such a long paddle to an unknown break. Costa Rica is full of little nooks and crannies where one can find stellar waves a few days a year. We decided to continue up the coast to check the surf elsewhere.

After driving for nearly three hours and checking every possible surfing spot we could find, including Camaronal, Playa Carillo, Samara, and Garza. As we continued up the coast, wave size was slowly increasing. Still, we didn't feel particularly hopeful as we searched for the beach in Guiones. 

We walked over the dunes just as a set crested on the horizon, lightly feathered by offshore wind. It only took us a few minutes to get in the water and find an empty peak. The blazing sun made the warm water seem cold, but we had some great waves. Guiones picks up any westerly swell and can produce great waves. It's also one of the most consistent spots in the area.

We even made a friend, Randall, who helped us get a good room in Nosara. Randall grew up in Costa Rica before moving to New Zealand for two years, only to return to live in Nosara, the city just inland from Guiones (where accommodation is better and cheaper). We shared a great session followed by a couple beers at a local bar before getting dinner and turning in.

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