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Friday, July 24, 2009

Righthand Point Breaks in Indonesia?

Some of the best surf I had during my trip to Indonesia was in this sleepy little Javanese surf town. The town's main break, and namesake, is one of several spots in town. It's a right point with a shallow rock boulder bottom that works best on south and southwest swells under five feet. For the past several years, Cimaja has been a stop on the Indonesia Pro Surfing Tour, a series of competitions throughout Indonesia that was won by Cimaja's own Dede Suryana. The small town has a handful of good surfers, primarily younger locals and older ex-pats. Besides surfing, the small community based here is lovely. I quite enjoyed my stay there and made some great friends. The food at Evan's just in front of the point is stunning (look for the Bintang flags shown below), and it's a great hang out for travelers. Some of the best stories in Indonesia can be heard here, and they only get better as more Bintangs are consumed. The break's main problem is the small river that terminates just east of the break and brings some rather brownish colored water, which does not look or smell very clean. The locals don't seem to mind; they can often be found fishing with their nets along the river (shown below). One of my favorite soccer fields (shown below) is located just a few hundred meters from the lineup. The local kids have regular afternoon games, which were always fun to watch. They always invited us to join in, but I couldn't since I lost a toe nail on my second day in town.The town's economy relies primarily on tourism and rice growing. Rice patties line the streets, flooded by diverted river water. I watched several men drying rice one day just off the town's main road. The men carved the rice into rows using their feet in order to encourage the thickly piled rice to dry quicker. We were lucky to be here during one of the season's largest swells, which closed out the point for a few days. Still, we were able to surf the break at its best for several days. During those days when Cimaja was unsurfable, we explored the nearby coastline to find some other breaks. The pictures below show Cimaja on an overcast afternoon.

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  1. Aw, why don't ya go to Costa Rica already and surf the second best breaks in the world.........